Street Scene

Street Scene by Kurt Weill


Book by Elmer Rice, based on his play of the same name Lyrics by Langston Hughes and Elmer Rice


Season Sponsor:  The William E. Schmidt Foundation


Stage Direction: Tiffany Lusht & Benjamin Smolder


Music Director & Conductor: Benjamin Smolder


Production: Loren Reash-Henz (student director), Curtis Mortimer (Technical Director), Russ Blain (Lighting), Alex Lusht (Sound), Lisa Hasson (Vocal Coach), Jay Goodlett (Choreography), Melanie Mortimer (Costume Design), Jordan Dinwiddie (Assistant Costume Design), Issac Ramsey (Scenic Design), Caroline Grace Williams (Makeup), Janice Murray (Rehearsal Pianist), Gion DeFrancesco (Props Master), Tom Featherstone (Scene Shop Supervisor), Julia Guichard (Dialect Coach), Emma Crowe, Brooke Losey, Myka Lipscomb (Stage Management), Amanda Horne (Production Manager)


Cast: Nelson Gaker, Steele Fitzwater, Rebecca Herbst, Tatiana Davis, Andrea Davies, Ali Rose Hotz, Forrest Bushstone, Ian Wilson, Jeremiah Plessinger, Christopher Toeller, Travis Pearce, Lauren Kammerling, Loren Reash-Henz, Rachel A. Brown, Courtney Katzmeyer, Eve Webber, Kyra Klontz, Tommy Wessendarp, Caroline Grace Williams, Mario Formica,  Steve Milloy, Seth Wagner, Matthew Mac Manus, Coartney Freeland, Deana Williams, Colleen Hickey, Rebecca Braun, Jordan Gravely, Hannah Smith, Tiffany Turkovich, Hayley Tucker, Liana Clareson, William Meriwether, Animaesh Manglik, Matthew Ebersbach, Will Ellis, Nick Karayianopoulos, Karl Sissman, Kayla Burley, Shelby Mass, Doug the Chug (dog)



Miami Opera Theater


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Contact Information:


Benjamin Smolder, Director

109 Presser Hall

501 South Patterson Avenue

Oxford, OH 45056

Telephone (513) 529-3079

Fax  (513) 529-3027