Vegas Nights


Director and Musical Conductor Benjamin Smolder


Assistant Music Director Steven Milloy


Choreographer Jay Goodlett, Branden Baribeau & Madeline VanBenschoten


Production Tim Schmall (lighting), Daniel Huchla (assistant to lighting), Alex Lusht (sound), Mari Opatz-Muni (producer), Amanda Horne & Gretchen Hathaway (stage management), Jeanne Harmeyer & Samuel Childs (marketing and publicity), Julia Trapp (student marketing)


Guest Artists The Cincy Brass, Tedrin Blair Lindsay, Piano & Michele Gingras, Clarinet


Miami Opera Theater


Miami Opera is an important part of the rich and diverse musical experiences that Miami University has to offer.  Miami music majors have the opportunity to assume leadership positions in every part of production.  Opera Auditions and sponsored events are open to all of the student body.

Contact Information:


Benjamin Smolder, Director

109 Presser Hall

501 South Patterson Avenue

Oxford, OH 45056

Telephone (513) 529-3079

Fax  (513) 529-3027